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关心法案| SBA EIDL & 购买力平价的贷款

As a follow up to our overview of The CARES Act sent last week, the third Federal stimulus bill in response to COVID-19, I wanted to provide you with a quick update on additional guidance recently issued on the two key SBA loan programs 可用 to business owners: the 就业保护 程序 (this is the program that will issue forgivable loans 和 每个企业主都应该知道)和 经济伤害灾难.


  • Signed into law on Friday, these are SBA loans administered by banks.  3500亿美元的贷款将被发放.
  • Businesses with < 500 employees, 以及个体经营者, 最多可以申请2笔贷款.他们每月平均工资成本的5倍.  工资成本包括工资, 健康保险, 和退休计划供款, 年薪上限为100美元,每个员工的000.  For example, if your business average monthly payroll is $50,000 the maximum loan is $125,000.
  • If the loan is used for certain expenses (payroll costs, rent, utilities, etc.) during the 8 weeks following the origination of the loan, 和 as long as there is not a reduction in the number of employees or a greater than 25% reduction in wages paid, the borrower is eligible for complete loan forgiveness.  这是免税补助金.
  • 该应用程序昨天刚刚发布, 随函附上一份供您审阅, 和 we underst和 that banks will start processing most loans this Friday (April 3rd)及下星期五(4月10日)th) for any self-employed individuals or independent contractors.
  • There are two things that we recommend you do at this time:
  1. Calculate your average monthly payroll costs for the 12 months from April 2019 through March 2020 (you will likely need to substantiate this with payroll returns filed over that time period, 所以你也应该准备好这些), 和
  2. bet5365官网您当前的业务银行/银行. 正如前面提到的, these forgivable loans will be administered by banks, 和 we have heard that bankers intend to take care of their existing customers first.  Many lenders who have not done SBA loans in the past will start processing PPP loans.  Each bank will have its own list of required documents that you will need to provide.

If we can help with the average monthly payroll calculations, or working through the requirements of maintaining your pre-COVID-19 payroll 和/or reinstating terminated employees to meet this test, please let us know.


  • Businesses with < 500 employees, 以及个体经营者, 可不可以申请最高200万元的贷款. Interest rates will be low, 和 terms will be 15 to 30 years.
  • Eligible businesses may receive an advance of up to $10,在提交贷款申请后3天内缴付.
    • Advances made prior to loan approval do not need to be repaid, 即使贷款申请被拒绝.
  • Businesses will likely be able to receive a much larger loan under the EIDL compared to the PPP, to be used for a variety of operating expenses over a longer time period, 但这些贷款是不可原谅的.

作为额外的 guidance is issued we will continue to keep you updated. 


为了应对COVID-19大流行,财政部 Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced yesterday that individuals can defer April 15th tax payments up to $1 million, 和 Corporations can defer up to $10 million 缴纳90天的税款.  请 note that many details remain unclear with respect to this relief, 和 no official written policy has been released yet, but we expect additional guidance from the IRS in the coming days 和 will provide details once 可用.  现在,这里是一个概述 期望:

  • 四月份应缴税款 15th can be deferred until July 15th without incurring any interest or penalties.  这个扩展可用于所有 individual taxpayers who owe < $1 million for 2019.
  • This 90-day extension of time to pay will likely also apply to 1st 和2nd quarter 2020 estimated tax payments due April 15th 和 June 15th respectively.
  • Mnuchin的声明 not extend the tax filing due date, so all taxpayers must still file their tax returns or request extensions (Form 4868 automatically extends the filing 截止日期至10月15日)4月15日.
  • 对于任何, anticipates a refund for 2019 taxes, as usual we recommend you go ahead 和 file by April 15th, if not sooner, to have that money refunded.

“我们鼓励那些可以提交他们的 taxes to continue to file their taxes by April 15,” Mnuchin said, especially encouraging people who will be getting tax refunds to do so. “Just file your taxes,” he said, 和 “you will automatically not get charged interest 和 penalties” on payments made within the 90-day 延迟时间.

我们正在遵循 家庭第一冠状病毒 响应行为(FFCRA) closely, which will address relief in the form of tax credits 和/or cash payments to businesses 和 employees affected by COVID-19 一旦达成协议,将发送更新. 对于我们的企业主来说,我们也很密切 monitoring federal 和 state incentives (including low interest loans, grants, 雇员失业等.),并将详细资料和指导方针发送一次 可用.